Moving through the stereotypical

January 11, 2011

[dropcap type=2]W[/dropcap]aking up in Meknés we took a morning in among local shops and trading hubs, diving into the quite stereotypical Moroccan architecture and settings. Things really look like you would imagine, if you squint in between the modern buildings. Picturesque, and classic as of the muslim/african imagery.

A short stop at Volubilis’s ruins gave a couple of good silhouette shots, but not much more because of heavy sunlight. We moved on to Fes, where we’ve settled in for two nights. Tomorrow will be spent in the medina – diving even deeper into stereotypica Morocco.

I’ve been wanting to photograph the tannery of Fes since… Well, since ever. I look forward to tomorrow, and will work hard to get the shots overlooking the coloured pots of leather paint.

Stay tuned.

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