Through whitewashed cities heading for the colours of Fes

January 11, 2011

On the move with the group, we passed through Rabat yesterday. Beautiful city, whitewashed and indigo buildings of the kasbah reminding you of Greek islands. Unfortunately we only made a short-stop during the day, and light was impossible to work with. We watched the shadowy alleys closely, and got a couple of good shots – will post these on next possible occasion.

We’re now in Meknés resting today, as the extremely cold night (or insanely ill-isolated hotel room?) woke us up with a headache and very cold feet. Next stop is Fez, where we will be sure to catch the tannery in action just after daybreak.

Photography is almost useless during the day, as the Moroccan weather doesn’t leave much clouds out to give shade and even light. But mornings and evenings prove better, so we’ll have to get used to taking a siesta here and there.

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