Morning-meddling in the Marrakech medina

January 24, 2011

The last days we’ve been spending in Marrakech, losing ourselves a bit in the colours, scents and sounds of this one big medina.

Getting baguettes through the souks

Early mornings are most attractive and intriguing, as a walk in the medina and it’s souks give an insight into the people actually keeping up the business – and get to talk to the locals going to work. Booming in recent years, the trading quarters of Marrakech will not stay the same for long, as chinese products and VISA-signposts are digging in deep, here to stay.

Jeema el-Fna, nighttime

At night though, it’s another city compared to the commerically driven daylight one. You can hardly get enough of late nights at the Jemma el-Fna square, as it’s not only packed full of tourist-trap snake charmers; dancers, theater groups and vendors of all kind come and go, as do the Marrakech locals themselves. Sitting on a rooftop somewhere adjacent to the square is an ideal way to let the night go by, with perfect view of the stalls serving everything from chicken with pasta to goatbrain with figs.

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