Awarded for the Zaatari 360-reportage in Swedish PoY, Årets bild!
The jury thought my reportage was unique enough to deserve the Jury's Special Prize.
I'm extremly glad to have recieved the Jury's Special Award yesterday at the ceremony of the Swedish Picture of the Year, Årets bild 2014.
March 9, 2014

I was awarded in Årets bild yesterday for the prototype 360-reportage from Zaatari I made together with journalist Mattias Lövkvist, which you can see here.

The jury’s statement read as follows:

A thorough and very interesting project that shows the potential of developing news graphics, journalism and multimedia production. It uses the possibilities unique to the internet. With sun shining in our faces and desert sand in our noses, we can take on an unprejudiced journey into the second largest refugee camp in the world – Zaatari in Jordan. The jury hopes to see more of this kind of stories in the future.

I am extremely glad to get recognition for a new kind of interactive storytelling; especially so since it’s just a rough prototype. Seemingly it’s something new to the Årets bild competition, and to photojournalism in Sweden. I’ve put hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into my trial and error process, getting the photography process right and then building the experiences for online publication. Zaatari is the largest prototype yet, and though a bit rough it represents a new kind of storytelling medium – where interactivity and immersion are key factors.

The prize means the world to me, and gives me all the motivation I need to continue developing this kind of interactive storytelling.

Most of all though, I felt extremely honored last night to stand among such distinguished colleagues on stage. I’m especially thinking of the amazing work of Niclas Hammarström, a Swedish photojournalist whose dedication to covering Syria landed him a month and a half as a hostage in the country. Yesterday he won several awards, including picture of the year, and he deserves every one of them. Niclas is a true inspiration.

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    Congratulations for this award!

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