About Martin

Martin Edström is spearheading the field of immersive journalism and photography, telling important stories in interactive ways.

Martin works with cutting-edge storytelling tools, creating interactive Virtual Reality and 360° stories. He has always worked with classic still photography and written journalism, and still do.

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He has worked on assignment for and been published in media including National Geographic, The New York Times and The Guardian, as well as organisations like the UNDP and International Rescue Committee.

Since 2015, Martin is a National Geographic Explorer.

Important stories,

immersive storytelling

Martins subjects range from the refugee crisis in the Middle East to environmental impact pieces that puts the viewer in the middle of the breathtaking places on this earth that are threatened by human conquest.

He strives to show forgotten places and subjects in his images, and tell the stories of individuals that are not regularly picked-up in the main-stream media.

Working in the intersection of journalism, photography and technology, Martin is intent on changing the media landscape from what it is today – developing more powerful storytelling, fit for the digital age, to tell the stories that matter.

International advocacy



Photo by Katja Adolphson

Martin is a board member of Reporters without borders in Sweden, and continually works with both national and international press freedom issues.

He’s an experienced keynote speaker on refugee issues, photography, immersive journalism and internet freedom.

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