Deep in the Tian Shan, a team of scientists and storytellers work to survey hidden caves and protect one of the most remote mountain ranges on earth.

This is the story of how we are beginning to use a completely new way of exploration, using smart technology to our advantage in extremely remote and difficult terrain. Working together across disciplines, we are able to capture huge areas of wilderness in full 3D – meaning we can bring a small part of the planet with us back home for further analysis.


The drone scouting team riding into the Axay Uru valley during the “Uncharted Caves of Kyrgyzstan” expedition. Several of these valleys were only accessible by horse and packraft, as even large terrain vehicles struggle to enter. These limestone towers proved to have lots of pockets of possible cave openings, and became a hotspot for both the survey team and the caving team to research, map and explore throughout the expedition.

The Land of Horses


Cecilio Lopez Tercero and Martin Edström guiding the drone from afar, flying up to a potential new cave opening. Photo by Katja Adolphson.

A New Way to Explore


Making Maps

How we work with making maps and 3D

Finding New Caves


Protecting the Land

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