Exploring the disconnected way of living close to nature

Living close to nature and going back to basics has been a growing trend in the Nordics in recent years. People visit Sweden not just for the cities, but for the vast forests, lakes and mountain ranges where you can find yourself to be the only person for miles around. In this series Martin explores several of these hotels and lodges where you can truly scale back on your travel luxuries and get back to basics.

Published in several magazines and part of the Visit Sweden Image Bank.

A woman sits on the floor of an open loft in the morning light, with freshly brewn coffee at her side, overlooking the mountains and forest of Orbaden in Hälsingland by Martin Edström
A hut or shack built with minimalistic architecture stands on top of a forested hill of the High Coast of Sweden, with a colorful twilight sky behind it by Martin Edström