Caught at the border of Europe, a story about the Malta refugees

Malta. An old World War II hangar, rusted to the core. An old school that’s almost falling apart. And a high security detention center with three perimeters of barbed wire. People live here. They fled their homelands on the African continent to find a new life in Europe, and landed on the barren rock of Malta. Due to international regulations, many of them get stuck here for years. Some never leave. They keep praying beneath the hangar gate, playing basketball waiting for the asylum process – and eat their rations every day at the very border of Europe. Fort Europe is a combination of several stories, a series documenting their lives, stranded in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Malta Refugees Images published in Independent World Report, distributed by Reuters and Swedish wire agency TT. Later used by Human Rights Watch, Medicins sans frontieres and UNHCR.