Old Way Through New Burma

Winds of freedom have taken Burma by storm. In a country that was until recently closed up and inaccessible to travelers, today people are welcomed with open arms. It is one of the few, conserved pearls of Southeast Asia. There are almost no tourists; instead streets are teeming with monks and nuns. Everywhere you look temple gold glint in the sunlight. Follow us as we board the ancient Mandalay Express, and in the company of curiously hopeful Burmese travel through this hot, hidden haven of Buddhist depictions.

Story originally ran in Dagens Nyheter in Sweden, and then followed in Dallas News, Boston Globe etc. Images are part of the National Geographic Image Collection.

Nuns out on an early morning pindapata - food collection - in their home town of Bagan, Nyaung U, Mandalay Region, Burma. One of Martin Edström's 10 remarkable images.